Station of Soul!

von humwaoh

An unknown taken instrument lost its power if you cannot play it

the stone of darkness is an unforgotten work

Some call it music  other called it sound  the third calls it silence and no-one found the sound of evil distance in between the cloud of calmless crying work

the fog is always milky  sex is no use  and the wolf is coming out of his house

there are so many doors to sleep between the lines

we always have a skin to hide the faces of our fear

in vain you could rain but in trustifying the truth is to show no-one the way!

we have been hurted for such a long time courage is the mind of fearless fight

and no-one cries and no-one laugh about the unknown word

it gives you silence and shurely a place to hide

Since is the time of now and leaves the future that is passing by

we always sing in darkness where no-one ever hurts the mind of sensible persons

which always stay beside

the dream of distant colours is no return to thinking black or white

transparency and diversity are changing all the hides  the tears of broken hearts cannot move the stone

where all singing ends is life the cream of fear

the light that always shine is like the sun for Earthies

we move the stone and soon you will see the thought of distant regions

where happiness is

and no-one found the crying freedom    cause no-one hears the sound of Mother Nature

humwaoh  Rain  .  Vision came yesterday, thanks for reading and so long Earthies