von humwaoh

Stones in my shoes  they say remember me    stones in my shoes  they cry let me be free                                      We are stones since the  beginningof time    we saw the light before You talk about the night                     stones in my shoes  they say remember me    stones in my shoes  they cry to me                                             Your heart is colder than the oldest tree      You burn my soul and kill my friends                                            You hate my blood and speak of Peace                                                                                                                               stones in my shoes they say remember to Yourself   stones in my shoes  they say You throw the stone         You are the mirror of my Own   My light is evil  You are never born  My sound is quiet and You are gone   stones in my shoes  they spoke the Truth   stones in my shoes  and  No-One felt the pain of  light                  that always see the night  the night in Your heart is hungry to kill  the free Spirit of No-One’s world    stones in my shoes  they are speaking  to me   stones in my shoes say daily to me  You are killing Our Mother   I will freeze You to ice  stones in my shoes   they say don’t remember me   stones in my shoes  are the evil memory     there is no chance to go backwards  Your mouth is full of shit and Your ass is full of smoke


written by Half-Man-Rain January 25th of  NO_ONE’S  time

Thanks for listening into the QUIET